You're probably wondering...

What is Roller Bumper anyway?

Roller Bumper is a universally compatible roller row accessory designed to help stop, separate, sort and move products in motion. Unlike any other products on the market, it is manually applicable by simply mounting it between the rolls. This allows instant use, saving significant amount of time and work.
Be more Efficient

Time and resources are essential in the industry. That's why we made Roller Bumper. Develop smooth workflow by taking advantage of features long awaited by the industry.

Be Safe

Avoid potential accidents and damage of goods by utilizing the design of Roller Bumper. Due to its unique shape, Roller Bumper doesn't require installation or any additional work, it is immediately applicable so you can react in time.

Be more Productive

Handling products on roller row has never been this easy. With the use of Roller Bumper, you are always just one step away from moving, sorting, selecting or stopping items.

We've developed roller bumper to revolutionize manufacturing and warehousing processes.

Roller Bumper is a patented product currently not in production, however we would love to see it in commercial use

If you are interested in manifacturing and selling Roller Bumper yourself, we are gladly accepting offers right now

Industrial Revolution

the most unexpected way

Universally Compatible

Available in various sizes, each designed to seamlessly fit distinctive roller track segments.

Eco Friendly

Manifacturing by-product is completely reusable.

Time Saving

Industry's first ever instantly mountable accessory. Requies no assembly and easy to replace.


The ultimate solution for the lowest unit price on the market.

So...What else do we do?

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Meet us at LogiMAT 2018

We are unveiling Roller Bumper exclusively in Stuttgart!


Hall 5 | Stand C18

Messe Stuttgart, Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart, Germany

13-15 MARCH 2018